Career With Us

Get Acquainted

Knowing beforehand about the organization that you are planning to enter into is always a bliss.
So, here is an insight into what Start Algo is all about.

Working Culture

We have a keen eye for details, for getting into details, enhance the thought process of a person. It is this detail-oriented approach and our team of smart, dedicated and innovative professionals that helps us stick to the plans and offer the best of our abilities

The Team

The difference between success and failure is a great team. Alone we can do little, together we can do so much. Here, at Start Algo, we strongly believe in teams, which always strive to work together with the sole objective of making successful clients and contribute to the growth of the organisation and its people.

We are People-oriented

The success of an organisation depends on its People. Happy Associates make a Successful Organisation. Start Algo is all about People. Our associates are our most valuable and cherished assets and we aim to grow together with them. “Our Associates for Us and We for our Associates”, this is what we believe in.

Work Environment

Work Environment is a factor that can turn around your whole mood for work, either positively or negatively. The mood sets in when you are surrounded with active people full of energy. Here, you will receive a very warm and friendly atmosphere, where you will be inspired to push your limits and think creatively, so that you may explore your talents and find what you hide from your ownself.

Working Hours Arrangements

Time is something we run after all our lives, and still fall short of. Being in corporate world, we always complain about not getting time for self. The long working hours and that pressure of keeping up with strict time schedules, it sure is overburdening. But, here, you need not worry about that! We offer you flexibility to manage your time. All we require is efficient working with complete dedication. Unless you do that, timing is never an issue.